On this week's menu:

*Goveđa juha

* Roštilj mix

* pohani punje sv.kolet Gradunje

* Loparka

* Ostala jela koja nudimo pogledajte pod Ponudom jela i pića.

NAPOMENA molimo da dolazak sa psom unaprijed najavite!!

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Cold side dishes
Homemade sidedish GRADUNJE port. 40 kn
(domestic ham, bacon, sausages)
Piquant cheese
port. 30 kn
Piquant various cured meat in marinade port. 30 kn
Homemade dry cheese
port. 30 kn
Cottage cheese with cream
30 kn
Brawn port. 30 kn
Beef, chicken soup 15 kn
Chicken white stew
15 kn
"Zagorje" soup
15 kn
Windsor soup
10 kn
Hot side dishes
Polenta with milk or pork cracklings port. 20 kn
Boiled chicken
port. 20 kn
Boiled veal port. 20 kn
Ham omelet
port. 25 kn
Main dishes
Roasted veal under the bell (previous order required) 1 kg 180 kn
Grill port. 40 kn
(brochettes, hashed meat dumplings, cutlets, imperial meat, sausages)
Stuffed neck GRADUNJE port. 40 kn
(bacon, mushrooms, garlic, mustard, spices)
Stuffed pork roll
port. 40 kn
Black pudding or roast pork sausages with braised
port. 40 kn
Marinated roast pork ribs
port. 35 kn
Roast pig's knuckle 1 kg 80 kn
Cooked dried pig's knuckle 1 kg 80 kn
Duck,turkey,goose with garnishings (previous order required) 1 kg 140 kn
GRADUNJE grilled mix port. 60 kn
(hashed meat dumplings, cutlets, imperial meat, seasoned hamburger steak)
Calf's sweetbreads port. 35 kn
Brined meat 1 kg 130 kn
Kotlovina (meat prepared outdoors in a cast iron pot) - cutlet, sausage
port. 40 kn
Turkey fillet in champignon sauce port. 40 kn
Turkey fillet in bradcrumbs port. 40 kn
Filled pancakes with meat in breadcrumbs port. 40 kn

Wildgame dishes
Venison stew
port. 40 kn
Homemade stew
Tripe with bacon
port. 25 kn
Offal port. 25 kn
Beans with cured meat port. 15 kn
Barley porridge
port. 15 kn
Pickeled turnips with meat port. 15 kn
Sarma GRADUNJE port. 25 kn
Pickeled heart port. 15 kn
Pickeled lungs
port. 15 kn
Potatoe stew
port. 15 kn
Wine stew
port. 20 kn
Čobanac (mixed meat stew)
port. 25 kn
Bread dumplings
2 pcs
10 kn
Gnocchi,polenta,mashed potatoes port. 10 kn
Tatters, braised potatoes port. 15 kn
Savoury potatoes port. 10 kn
Rice with vegetables port. 15 kn
Beans au gratin port. 15 kn
Grilled mushrooms port. 20 kn
Breadcrumbed mushrooms
port. 25 kn
Pommes frites port. 15 kn
Extra (Ketchup,mayonnaise) 10 kn
Braised sauerkraut - boiled potatoes port. 15 kn
Vegetarian meals
Vegetable soup 15 kn
Breadcrumbed cheese
2 pcs
25 kn
Soya medallions in soya sauce 30 kn
Breadcrumbed mushrooms 30 kn
Bean salad, cabbage salad, potato salad 10 kn
Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, mixed salad 10 kn
Homemade pastry
Loparka (homemade cake from pastry, cheese and cream)
2 pcs
10 kn
Cheese strudel (salted or sweet) 2 pcs
10 kn
Apple strudel
2 pcs
10 kn
Zlevka (Homemade cake from corn flour, cheese, cream and jam) 2 pcs
10 kn
Jam pancakes
2 pcs
10 kn
Pancakes with blackberries and ice-cream 2 pcs 20 kn
Poppy or walnut roll 2 pcs 20 kn
2 pcs
2 kn
Bread from owen
60 kn

Warm beverages
Coffee espresso cup 6 kn
Turkish coffee
cup 6 kn
Coffee with milk cup 7 kn
Coffee with whipped cream
cup 7 kn
Nescaffe, Capuccino cup 8 kn
Cacao cup 8 kn
Tea cup 4 kn
Tea /lemon, honey/ cup 6 kn
Non alcoholic drinks
Fruit juices  /various/ 0,20 l 12 kn
Fruit juices  /various/ 1,50 l 35 kn
Sparkling juices /various/ 0,20 l 10 kn
Sparkling juices /various/ 1,50 l 35 kn
Mineral water
1,00 l 10 kn
Mineral water
0,25 l 8 kn
Ožujsko/Cool 0,50 l 12 kn
Ožujsko lemon 0,50 l 12 kn
Union red orange 0,50 l 12 kn
Pan 0,50 l 12 kn
Bavaria 0,25 l 10 kn
Fortified wine
1,00 l 60 kn
Domestic wine
1,00 l 40 kn
Red wine
1,00 l 50 kn
Bottled wine /red and white/ 0,75 l 100 kn
Gemišt (domestic wine with mineral water)
0,20 l 6,5 kn
Škropec (domestic wine with drop of mineral water) 0,10 l 4 kn
Gemišt (domestic wine with mineral water) 0,30 l 9 kn
Bambus (red wine with coca-cola)
0,30 l 14 kn
Domestic liqueurs
0,05 l 8 kn
/walnut brandy, honey brandy, cherry brandy/ 0,03 l 5 kn
Homemade brandies
0,05 l 8 kn
/raisin brandy, herbs brandy, pear brandy/ 0,03 l 5 kn
Fruit brandies
0,05 l 10 kn
/from apricot, apple/ 0,03 l 6 kn


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